Kathe DownsFitness and Martial Arts are my passions. I am excited to bring that energy to LX. I spend and have spent a large amount of my time studying martial arts and fitness, and researching the latest science behind overall health and wellness. Physical condition is so far reaching in every aspect of our life. It is not about just looking good in your swim suit (although I can get you there), but also about that mind, body and soul connection.

I believe if we feel good and have a healthy body, this has a synergistic effect on how the rest of your life functions! I do not believe you have to spend a large amount of time on daily exercise to maintain the best shape possible. The best part is that the science backs me!  So no more long boring cardio sessions; if you do the right forms of exercise like you mean it for a short amount of time you will receive better results.  It is all about switching it up, keeping it fun, interesting and different. This is what will keep you engaged and this is why I am here! Check out what programs we have to offer below and let’s live Xtreme together!

Martial Arts

Acquire lifelong physical and mental benefits derived from traditional karate.


Enjoy getting results through fitness programs based on a fun variety of training techniques and realistic time commitment.