Meet the Team

LX Fit Camp was established based on a deep passion for wellness that the proprietor, Kathe Downs, acquired through her own lifestyle transition. LX stands for LiveXtreme, which does not necessarily mean sky diving or climbing one of the tallest peaks; it means do not grow old prematurely, age is only a number, there is no finish line! One does not have to let poor physical condition prevent you from doing things you want to do, whatever it is - maybe it is climbing one of the tallest peaks!

Our fitness bootcamp is a one of a kind.  What makes us different? First, we never do the same  workout twice. It’s part of the secret formula of what works to change your body and make it stronger, faster. We personally write all of these workouts in house.  Think of this like personal fat loss training in a small group setting. All of our workouts are trainer guided to get you the best results and safest workout possible based on your fitness level. Our workouts are only 30 minutes long, don’t let that fool you, we are very efficient at what we do.  Our workouts also cause mega afterburn, which means you are burning calories in your sleep! We also offer world class nutrition challenges. But the best part is we have a one of a kind fitness community here that is judgement free, always motivating and committed to a healthier way of life.